What Christians Have In Common I

Download X-309 What Christians Have In Common I.wma

What Christians Have In Common II

Download X-310 What Chrsitians Have in Common II.wma

Depression I

Download X-297 Depression I.wma

Depression II

Download X-298 Depression II.wma

If Ye Be Risen With Christ I

Download X-295 If Ye Be Risen With Christ I.wma

If Ye Be Risen With Christ II

Download X-296 If Ye Be Risen With Christ II.wma

Deal Courageously I

Download X-293 Deal Courageously I.wma

Deal Courageously II

Download X-294 Deal Courageously II.wma

How Believers Lose Their Sight

Download X-292 How Believers Lose Their Sight.wma

What Satan Uses To Blind

Download X-291 What Satan Uses to Blind.wma

Eternal Security I

Download 433-Eternal Security-1.WMA

Eternal Security II

Download 434-Eternal Security-2.WMA

The World

Download 429-The World.WMA

The Flesh

Download 430-The Flesh.WMA

The Devil

Download 431-The Devil.WMA

The Armor of God

Download 432-The Armor of God.WMA


Download 428-Separation.WMA


Download 427-Forgiveness.WMA

Understanding Prayer

Download 426-Understanding Prayer.WMA

A Study In Faith

Download 425-A Study On Faith.WMA

Walking In The Spirit

Download 424 Walking in the Spirit.wma

The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost

Download 423 The Baptism of the Holy Ghost.wma

Understanding Salvation I

Download 421-Understanding Salvation I.WMA

Understanding Salvation II

Download 422-Understanding Salvation II.WMA

Necessity Of Salvation

Download 420 Necessity of Salvation.wma

The Trinity Of God And Man

Download 419 The Trinity Of God and Man.wma


Download 418 - Repentance.WMA

What Sort Of Mind Have You? I

Download X-305 What Sort of Mind Have You - I.wma

What Sort Of Mind Have You? II

Download X-306 What Sort of Mind Have You II.wma

This Present World

Download x-218 This Present World.wma

Be Not Deceived I

Download x-199 Be Not Deceived I.wma

Be Not Deceived II

Download x-200 Be Not Deceived II.wma

Things A Christian Lose I

Download x-250 Things a Christian Can Lose I.wma

Things A Christian Lose II

Download x-251 Things Christians Can Lose II.wma

The Right Kind Of Heart

Download x-252 The Right King of Heart.wma

In My Flesh

Download x-161 In My Flesh.wma

Limiting God

Download x-162 Limiting God.wma

Unoccupied I

Download ATCOG_594 Unoccupied I.WMA

Unoccupied II

Download ATCOG_595 Unoccupied II.WMA

The Tearless Heaven

Download x-184 The Tearless Heaven.wma

The Man Who Lost His Religion I

Download X-289 The Man Who Lost His Religion 1.wma

The Man Who Lost His Religion II

Download X-290 The Man Who Lost His Religion 2.wma

Learning To Be Content I

Download 549-Learning to Be Content I.wma

Learning To Be Content II

Download 550-Learning to Be Content II.wma

Evil Report I

Download 619 Evil Report I.WMA

Evil Report II

Download 620 Evil Report II.WMA

Biblical Separation

Download x-260 Biblical Separation.wma

Things Broken

Download X-94 Things Broken.wma

Making Right Choices

Download 610 Making Right Choices.WMA

Blessings Out Of Buffetings

Download 609 Blessings Out of Buffetings.WMA

The Unknown God

Download 621 - The Unknown God.wma

David a Man After God's Own Heart I

Download 561-David a Man After God_s Own Heart I.wma

David a Man After God's Own Heart II

Download 562-David a Man After God_s Own Heart II.wma

Faithful Sayings I

Download 597 Faithful Sayings I.WMA

Faithful Sayings II

Download 598 Faithful Sayings II.WMA

Waiting On The Lord

Download 547 Waiting On The Lord.wma

Mindful of These Things

Download 608 Mindful of These Things.WMA

Choose Faith Over Worry

Download 607 Choose Faith Over Worry.WMA

Do People Know That You Love God?

Download x170 Do People Know That You Love God.wma

What Is Your Life?

Download x-287 What Is Your Life.wma

Day by Day

Download ATCOG_590 Day by Day.wma

What Stirs Up Strife

Download 612 What Stirs Up Strife.WMA

How the Devil Attacks Christians

Download 611 How the Devil Attacks Christians.WMA

Lock Jaw

Download 596 Lock-Jaw.WMA

What Christ Became

Download 586 What Christ Became.wma

Pilate Politically Correct

Download ATCOG_593 - Pilate Politically Correct.wma

The Character of the Love of Christ

Download ATCOG_592 The Character of the Love of Christ.WMA

What It Means To Have A Quiet Time

Download ATCOG_591 What It Means to Have a Quiet Time.wma

The Law of the Harvest I

Download 557-THE LAW OF THE HARVEST I.wma

The Law of the Harvest II

Download 558-THE LAW OF THE HARVEST II.wma

The Law of the Harvest III

Download 559-The Law of the Harvest III.wma

The Law of the Harvest IV

Download 560-The Law of the Harvest IV.wma

Keeping Watch

Download 585 Keeping Watch.wma

O Ye of Little Faith

Download 584 O Ye of Little Faith.wma

Words That Are Needed Today

Download 552-Words That Are Needed Today.wma

Lessons From Luke I

Download 537 Lessons from Luke 1.WMA

Lessons From Luke II

Download 538 Lessons from Luke 2.WMA

Is It Right To Judge I

Download 325-Is It Right To Judge-1.WMA

Is It Right To Judge II

Download 326-Is It Right To Judge-2.WMA

Seven Ways To Shorten Your Life

Download 587 Seven Ways to Shorten Your Life.wma

Questions Christians Need To Ask

Download X-175 Questions Christians Need to Ask.wma

Not To Faint I

Download 517 Not to Faint I.wma

Not To Faint II

Download 518 Not To Faint II.wma

How to Vote I

Download x-40 How To Vote I.wma

How to Vote II

Download x-41 How to Vote II.wma

How to Vote III

Download x-42 How to Vote III.wma